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My Twitter Connection



To be honest, I’m still working on the Twitter thing.  I haven’t written much on this little tool mostly because I’m still trying to get my arms around it and what I want from it.  Although, I think maybe this is what Twitter is all about.  Instead of a tool that comes with deep instructions on what to do with it – a real purpose – Twitter lets you figure that out for yourself.  How cool is that?  


I’ve had my head down for most of the past week working on a research report.  For those that follow regularly, I apologize for the long pause of conversation.  But, I found out something about myself and Twitter in the process. The interesting thing is that as I was consumed by data, spreadsheets, charts, and prose, the way I stayed connected was through Twitter.  My trusty Tweetdeck was up all the time chirping away as the people I follow kept me informed of what was going on through news and comments.  I ignored email, which took too long to read and would detract me from my work.  I let my calls go to voicemail unless caller ID told me I really shouldn’t ignore this person.  My time on Facebook and LinkedIn was as quite as my blogging – except for my wistful call for the cold Guinness my dear husband was bringing home on Friday.  I never even read my newsfeeds, web surfed, or turned on my IM.  Yet, Twitter made sure I didn’t truly fall off the face of the earth.

Right now, Twitter is my dutch door to the world.  I try to provide content I think people want to hear about, whether it is my own or from others, and I avidly scan and read what others send.  Even if last week my clicks on shrunken URLs didn’t happen, the headlines that came with them kept me in touch.  Amazing what can be said with 140 characters!  On the other hand, the bottom of the dutch door, ‘conversation’, is still something I’m working on.  Haven’t quite figured that one out for myself.  Probably because I’m a bit of an introvert. 

On that note, it seems that my Twitter crowd has gotten interested in Twibes.  I joined several Twibe groups and look forward to connecting this way.  Maybe this will help me open the bottom of my door.  Anyhow, looks like an interesting twist on the Twitter community and can’t wait to really work it.

What do you use Twitter for and why is it powerful for you?


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4 Responses

  1. Jim Harris says:


    I started out using Twitter to promote my blog. I use TwitterFeed to automatically tweet my blog posts via my RSS feed. My blog statistics show that Twitter is my third most frequent referrer (LinkedIn is my top referrer).

    However, I am now starting to use Twitter for much more than blog promotion. As you mentioned in your post, it is a great way to follow people and trends and to stay somewhat connected when I am busy (usually working on a blog post).

    I also think that Twitter can help tremendously with research. Without TweetDeck, I wouldn’t be able to make sense of the Twitter Stream.

    I find that I can use my blog to focus on my primary topic (Data Quality) while using Twitter to join in conversations about other topics, especially ones that I would like to learn more about (like Social Media).

    Bottom line for me – I think that Twitter complements my blogging and helps me build a larger audience – not just to talk at but more importantly, to interact with.

    Best Regards…

    Jim Harris

  2. mgoetz says:

    Hi Jim,
    I’ve had some of the same experience with Twitter as you. It’s right up there with search engine and community referrals. I’m actually finding that instead of people subscribing primarily through rss like I thought would happen, Twitter is the tool of choice. How about you?

    I like your idea about using Twitter to expand into other topics. I’ve focused it on my blog topics, but other interests would be a great too. Break out of the silo.

    Thanks for the input!

  3. wschampheleer says:

    Just started with twitter 2 weeks ago and going through a similar process.
    Blogged about it on

  4. Jim Harris says:

    Hi Michele,

    Yes, I also have seen that Twitter seems to be outdoing RSS in terms of my subscribers/followers.

    That was one reason that I started using TwitterFeed.

    Here is a blog post that I found (on Twitter, of course) about Twitter vs. RSS:

    Best Regards…


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