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Social Media Marketing and Sales Alignment

Incorporating social media into your B2B go to market strategy is a no brainer. Done correctly you get the conversation you want, the connections to customers you need, and position as a trusted advisor. Now it is time to nurture your new found groupies into engagements with sales. Again, all a part of the social media experience. Lastly, you get the all important meeting. You’ve done your job Marketing. Bring it home Sales!

It seemed pretty logical until I had a conversation with some colleagues about what the sales engagement looks like. The customer experience with social media is marketing to sales, not a starting point with sales. Disconnects can and will occur in the engagement with sales if the customer feels a distinct pass off and turn in the conversation from dialogue to promotion.

In the social media realm, it is a dialogue with the customer, not a one sided conversation with the provider doing all the talking. The conversation needs to continue in a more intimate and specific manner when Sales engages. The crux of Marketing and Sales alignment now has to be tighter than ever so as not to interrupt the conversation and continue to build credibility and value in the relationship. Failing to do so can disrupt and lend itself to disengagement.

A you bring on new products, solutions, and services, have you considered your conversation from the first Tweet or blog comment, to getting down to the business of solving your customer’s need?


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