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Web Analytics Is Not Just A Campaign Optimization Tool

Web analytics is as much about customer and market intelligence as it is about marketing performance.  Too much focus on the tactic and the marketing funnel and you begin to loose sight of who you are marketing to and why you want to.  This is a trap that many companies fall into and why web analytics is relegated to back room technical types and not at the forefront of helping to define strategies and drive business objectives along side strategy, market research, and customer intelligence.

The anonymous web is not so anonymous.  In fact, there is more known about a customer through web analytics than what you will learn in CRM systems.  Even if you don’t have a name, email, or phone number, there is a lot to be learned about how to engage and convert the right customers because customers explicitly tell you what they like, dislike, and what makes them tick by what they click, comment on, search, and purchase.  So, why are we only using web analytics to measure the marketing funnel?

Customer segmentation is a recognized cornerstone in marketing.  Market research and customer analysis has always provided a rich segmentation of our market and customers but failed because behavior and personas never matched into clean distinctions from a demographic perspective.  Direct marketing and sales organizations require age, income, size of company, industry, location, etc. to filter and pinpoint communications.  Without this data, web analytics is left with the behavior and persona.  That incremental business that was elusive through traditional efforts is now attainable through web marketing and measurable through web analytics specifically because these efforts take into account behavior and personas.

Today, web marketing is still founded and modeled on the fundamentals of direct marketing efforts.  The problem with this is that the rich information of behavior and personas is only lightly touched upon in a keyword or offer copy.  This surface level perspective is only followed up on in acquisition efforts during optimization, thus a simplification of a simplified approach.  A broader categorization and management of targeting and behavioral data needs to be created in order to not only improve conversion, but to also better understand our customers.  Through categorization we have the means to segment on behavior and persona just as we had created segments in market research of our markets.  The benefit here is that the connection is made, you truly do know your customer, and this information can be pushed back up into the overall marketing strategy addressing message, position, offers, as well as targeting.

As companies shift their marketing dollars to online tactics and in turn driving more business through these online efforts, web analytics can no long be about campaign optimization and performance alone.  There are significant customer and market insights that can be gained augmenting and improving marketing strategy to do more than keeping status quo, it can help you gain incremental business by better positioning to your market.


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