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Social Media Improv

I’ve talked a lot about marketers giving up control of content.  I suggest allowing sales to be the conductors for social media in your organization.  I also suggest allowing customers to take control of the website.

I figure that if I’m going to preach, I should probably practice.  I’m going to hand over the reigns to you to create a blog.  The only guidance I’ll give is the topic.  You fill in the rest to create the story.  However, the story is collaborative.  You provide one to three sentences then the next commenter provides the next one to three sentences.  At the end of collecting, I’ll pull everything together for a single blog.

I think of this as those games where one person says a word of a sentence, the next person adds one, and so on and so on.

Note: The comments are moderated, but I’ll only remove those that are inappropriate (bad language, sexual content, you get the idea).  Comments that are supportive of the site or effort I’ll group onto another page for everyone to view.  I’ll try to fix inconsistencies due to date or where comments come in.

I encourage you to not only to participate but, play tag with your friends (25 Things Facebook style).  So, here it goes.


If you could change the world, what would that world look like?

Ready, set, GO!!!

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Break Out of the B2B Mold

We all get in a rut.  It is easy to stay in your comfort zone.  When you find a formula that works for you, why change?

Hear the Brain Vibe chant:

Change is good
Change is good
Change is good

I remember hearing for the first time that social media was the wave of the future for marketers.  Sites like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn got you close to the customer.  As a B2B marketer I was horrified.  Weren’t these sites where the kids hung out and posted party pictures?  Why would I want to leverage my professional network for advertising my company?  I want people gathering at my company’s website to discuss and educate themselves.  I have to be IN CONTROL!

My how times have changed.  You are not, and cannot fully control your message.  But, you can leverage this fluid nature of your space.

There are too many outlets, too much noise, and the market has the ability to tell your story for you, for good and for bad.  The reality today is that the email as a delivery mechanism, traditional outlets, and high cost events don’t cut it on their own.  We lack a glue.  We lack a strategy around what marketing is, how it is valuable, and how it goes beyond agency and direct marketing tactics.

Forget what you learned in your marketing classes and MBA programs.  You learned a process, terms, and tools.  What you didn’t learn is what makes your customer tick.  Today’s decision makers are smart and savvy.  They value their time and don’t want you to waste it.  We’ve listened to the drumbeat of creating a customer experience and the customer comes first, but we still think about our product first in our communications.  Our narcissism holds us back.

If you have a story of how you innovated marketing, share it.  If you have a question on how to push beyond, submit it.  I’ll be on the lookout for ideas and stories to get your Brain Vibe-d.

So keep checking in.

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